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What is the point of deviantArt anymore?

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 22, 2013, 5:42 PM

I've done some serious thinking on this topic. After months spent avoiding this place like the plague I came back to see if anything had changed. I found more morons, sadly enough. Nothing has changed. #devart is sorely understaffed...people think dA is a dating site...still no seriously relevant conversations here pertaining to art AT ALL.

I'm pretty sure no one is going to read this, or remotely care, but I had to say something about the level of pathetic debauchery this place has reached. I've lost all my friends on here, not that some of them really were friends. So I'm going to blow the final kiss off to this sorry den of vipers and then forget all my passwords and say buh-bye to it all.

What's really sad about this place is we're supposed to care and bolster one another in our various creative exploits. I myself have done this for SEVERAL crappy artists, knowing full well that if they tried hard enough, or got the right advice maybe they'd snap out of it and grow into something more fluid and join the rest of the artistic community as more than poor doodle-ist wanna-bes.

All that I've found here are a bunch of wolves, hungry to tear up the person that perhaps needs a kinder, more gentle hand.

I've not been gracious at all times. I'm not perfect, nor would I ask anyone else to be. But the level of cruelty and malice shown towards people here is on par with what I would expect from the filth of 4chan.

BUT OH...we are artists...the elite of society. Cream of the crop.

Well doesn't that say much about society then?

Miscreants and perverts some of you are. And it's considered fine and dandy until some poor unlucky soul disagrees. Fascists. Inflicting your thoughts and desires on others and telling them they cannot have their own thoughts, opinions, and dreams.

You shameful lot of self righteous phonies.

It makes me sad to say that I was EVER a CV here. That I was every a part of this blasted "community" who would snipe at you as soon as look at you, who would stab you in the back when your eyes are turned.

So what is the point of deviantArt I ask?

The point is to merely piss on someone in order to make you feel more important!!! More self righteous! Better than one another. There is no art here, and if there is, it's been thoroughly tainted in my eyes. I see nothing but a group of people TRYING to be cool, and in affect being boorish baboons fighting for a stupid banana. Your egos are over puffed and sorely out of place here.

God forbid me saying such a thing because the truth is never to be uttered. Sure there are a few of you good honest people here, but you are silent in the waves of the emotional sodomy is put in affect against one single person. For that you are spineless. And also a shame, and just as guilty.

So what is the real purpose? I have no purpose for this stupid pointless place anymore.

Insert hatemail here v


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